Any time do you think, what if the World turned to Gold? Hearing the court’s exotic labs we only work on the most important scientific problems like, “what is we nuke stuff” or how about we make this
elephant explode or who could forget to look at this thing it’s really
big. Continuing this proud tradition let’s explore the scientific mystery
of What if the World turned to Gold?.

What if the World turned to Gold?

The “Midaspocalypse” based on the ancient town of king Midas it was cursed so everything he touched turned into gold. Before we can explore the scenario with science we’ll first define the price. Midas’s curse is a very special
phenomenon called, magic. Which allows us to modify physics. So what happens when Midas touch is something and it turns to gold? What if the World turned to Gold? What if the World turned to Gold? What if the World turned to Gold? What if the World turned to Gold? What if the World turned to Gold? What if the World turned to Gold? What if the World turned to Gold? 

An atom of gold has 79 protons and 180 neutrons in its nucleus. The electric force of the protons on the electrons around them shapes the atom and gives gold its chemical properties like that it doesn’t rust on those kinds of shiny
and bendy. So to make it not cold into the gold we have to change atoms. Let’s say Midas touch a duck. The light sentiments like hydrogen carbon and oxygen gain electrons and protons and neutrons to become gold. Not only is the duck suddenly 33 times more massive it’s also much too dense.

The gold atoms are far closer together than they like ok and repel each other valiantly causing the golden duck to explode with the energy of half a ton of TNT, leaving only gold dust and a very did Midas. This is clearly not a very good way for Mida’s power to work. So what if instead Midas power uses the atoms that are already present
and simply rearranges all practical’s in in the matter that touches, into gold. No matter is created or destroyed, instead, atoms dissolve and the protons, neutrons, and electrons are resembled to make gold. However gold is very dense,
about 20 times denser than a duck. What if the World turned to Gold? What if the World turned to Gold? What if the World turned to Gold? What if the World turned to Gold? What if the World turned to Gold?

Without adding any matter the gold duck would be a very awkward kind of foamy gold with lots of tiny microscopic gaps, this is funky and doesn’t explode, which is progress. Now that we have established a sort of magic that works, what would happen if Midas stumbles, what if the Earth touches itself? Let’s freeze time for just a moment, and rearrange all the matter in the earth. Just like the duck, the earth is now solid gold, But with many tiny atomic-scale gaps.

While these gaps weren’t a huge deal for the duck, there a big problem for the earth. I spongy planet is not a thing that can exist, as gravity compresses Earth, squeezing it together to close up the gaps. As a result the earth contracts shrinking to two-third of its radius. If you are standing on earth’s surface, you suddenly find yourself in free fall, like on a roller coaster, as the ground sings away beneath you. But since the ground is falling too, it doesn’t move away from you, it feels like someone turned off gravity and you and everything else would begin to float but the ride doesn’t last forever, it takes only 10 minutes for everything to crash down and a weird 10 minutes it is indeed.

And then as abruptly as it started, it stops. The collapsing art has reached its desired size and gravity is suddenly turned back on for you. Hopefully, you enjoyed your minutes or floating. Because the ground and you with it crash into the
planet at 30000 km an hour, making your body spatter like a water balloon as it hits. In one instant basically, all of humanity gets smashed into red puddles. This is only the start of our problems though, scenes 8 imploded
supersonically. The kinetic energy of the implosion is basically equivalent to detonating a planet made of TNT.

Crushed together under invisible forces, the earth’s core reaches a million-degree Celsius. At temperature closer to the
core of a star than anything we are used to finding on earth. As the earth crashes into itself it generates an enormously powerful shockwave that flows upwards, catapulting the atmosphere up and off. The Earth surface temperature reaches hundreds of thousands of degrees, and everything on it is instantly vaporized to a purified plasma cloud that starts to expand, but not by much many of the atoms that may have been new you get mixed into the cloud, while
others ball off, escaping from the atmosphere.

The golden plasma outshines the sun while the enormous radiation lifts tons of material off into space. Over the coming days, the plasma cloud cools and eventually freezes into a shiny little golden ball. Ok, maybe this type of magic doesn’t work so if replacing atoms made the earth so, over dense that ate exploded and disassembling and reassembling atoms made the earth so underdense that it imploded, there must be a sweet spot where the earth does neither what is Midas power is such that an object is certainly replaced by an object with the same volume made from solid gold. That magic is a little bit more magic and cut a few extra corners.

But let’s see where this leads us so Midas stumbles again, even though our new pure gold is not expanding or it’s suddenly much more massive. The density of gold is 3 and half times greater than the earth, meaning the earth is going to get 3 and a half times more massive! For starters, everyone now has to contend with surface gravity that is more than 3 times stronger, so if you are not the champion weightlifter who is used to carrying around a few times your body weight on your shoulders, you are probably going to be slammed to the ground by your own weight. Depending on where you were when Earth turned into gold, this alone could seriously hard or even kill you.

Trees and artificial structures collapse and are trees there were never meant to sustain wild bird and planes and all things that we’re able to fly or float is splash to the ground all around you. And you are not the only thing weighed down by the greater gravity. The weight of the atmosphere and also atmospheric pressure, nearly quadruples, which
a bad thing is if you like leaving. On its own, this won’t kill you. Scuba divers can comfortably breathe at this pressure for a while but unfortunately squeezing the atmosphere this much race is its temperature to 150 degrees
Celsius, which is like the inside of an oven. The entire earth surface bakes, roasting anything and everything.

There is no escape. Gold may be natural but it is about three times weaker than steel, and also very malleable, which makes it a very bad mountain material the tallest mountains that can be supported are now only about two kilometers high. So whole range compress as their own weight basically crushes their base. It’s hard to say what happens here we are probably in for giant earthquakes and landslides as the planet is squeezed into a new shape. And it’s not just mountain ranges the difference between the continents and the ocean floor level out, causing the ocean basins to overflow, sending massive tidal waves over the earth’s surface.

What remains is a planet made from gold, entirely covered by an Ocean 3 kilometers deep, a super-hot atmosphere, and a lot of dead people. All right there may be a listen to take away here but we weren’t sure what it is. We did all the maths though. It’s you in your sources document if you want to take a look. If you learned anything from this content let us know what it is.